Instructor Awards

Each spring, First Year Courses honors the most sucessful of our Student Success Seminar instructors with our Outstanding Instructor Awards. Each candidate is nominated by students and winners are selected by a committee based on student evaluations and instructor observations. To view past award winners, click here.

2015 Nominees and Winners

Learning Community
Steve Fohl
Matt Schumacher
Allison Smock
Lakin Wooldridge
Returning Instructors
Sierrah Anderson
April Barnes
Brittany Bell
Stephanie Black
Emily Emberton
Kristy Hampton
Dennis Hasty
John Hearn
Sharon Lee
Jaime Roberts
Sandra Stevens
Lensae VanHoose
College Specific Instructors
Patricia Alexander (BTO)
Suzanne Byrd (ASO)
Kuangnan Chang (ASO)
Judy Jenkins (ASO)
Krista Kimmel (BTO)
Michael Land (JSO)
Jerome May (ASO)
Peggy McGuire (EDO)
Jennifer Miller (ASO)
Lynette Noblitt (HON)
Katie Patton (HON)
Randi Polk (ASO)
Raglena Salmans (HSO)
Karin Sehmann (ASO)
Natalie Webb (HSO)
Jennifer Wies (ASO)
Linda Wray (HSO)
Margaret Yoder (ASO)
New Instructors
Amanda Ballou
Christopher Blakely
Bart Blankenship
Craig Chapman
Tiffany Hampton
Kate Johnson
Jason Jordan
Willam Keaton
Kaitlin Kirkpatrick
Patti Matthews
Mayantha Perera
Dorcia Rose
Ashley Sweat
Jessica Watts