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October Featured Instructor: Patti Matthews

October Featured Instructor: Patti Matthews

Each month, First Year Courses will feature one of our most inspiring instructors. Instructors are chosen based on their commitment to helping students succeed and the levels of engagement they achieve with the students in their classes.

Our first featured instructor is Patti Matthews, Academic Advisor in the College of Justice and Safety. Below, Patti shares her perspective on teaching GSD 101.

1. What is your teaching motto?
A. “Together, we CAN!”
B. “The mediocre teacher tells, the good teacher explains, the superior teacher demonstrates, the great teacher inspires.” – William Arthur Ward.

2. What motivates you to be a GSD instructor?
In this world, and in this life, I want to be someone who lifts up another and encourages them to be all that they can be. I love teaching GSD students because I want to be the positive person in their lives, at this crucial time of self-discovery, who can teach them to believe in themselves and to strive for excellence. So often students face adversities that instructors don’t notice or care about; delivering course information is what is important to the instructor. I have found that if I develop a relationship with a student that shows them that they matter to someone, that someone cares, they will persevere and become a positive world citizen.

3. What is your goal as a GSD instructor?
My goal, as a GSD instructor, is to give students the tools that they need to become excellent students and neighbors in this global society. When students leave my class, I want them to have a focus, a drive to accomplish something, and a love of themselves and their neighbors. I want them to have an “I CAN” attitude, be productive and steadfast, and feel worthy and accomplished. My goal is to let them know that they are not what others tell them they are, but are wonderful, interesting, complex humans who have developed critical and creative thinking skills. I want them to be able to graduate in a timely manner, knowing that they did the best that they could do. My goal is to lead them to a career (not a job) and a lifestyle that they have developed through a holistic education at Eastern Kentucky University.

4. What advice would you like to share with other GSD instructors?
My advice to other GSD instructors is that they need to invest in their abilities to be a changing force for good in the lives of their students. I hope that they will recognize that teaching this class goes beyond a paycheck, and that we have the ability to help our students love themselves and learning. I would ask that they really get to know their students and let them know that, even in hard times, they matter to them.

Published on October 20, 2016

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