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Meet Your 2021 First-Year Leaders

Beighley Ayers

Beighley Ayers

Hometown: Wheeling, WV

Major:  Forensic Biology | Minor: Psychology

Campus Involvement: First-Year Leader, Cross country, Track Team

What every EKU freshman needs to know: The first few weeks will be tough. You are in a whole new environment away from your home, family, and friends. Embrace your surroundings, get involved, try new things!


Sarah Butler

Hometown: Union, KY

Major: Exploratory

Campus Involvement: First-Year Leader, Chi Omega Sorority, Secretary of SHINE

What every EKU freshman needs to know:  Get involved as much as you can! You get out of college what you put into it. Don’t go home the first few weeks. Stay on campus. You can always find something to do!

Jenna CecilJenna Cecil

Hometown: Lebanon, KY

Major: Dietetics | Minor: Psychology

Campus Involvement: Campus Recreation Operations Lead, Phi U Honor Society Public Relations Officer, Student Dietetic Association Member, Psy Chi Honor Society Member, EKU Club Softball Team Member

What every EKU freshman needs to know:  I think every EKU freshman should know that college is more about the journey than it is individual steps.  One exam, project, or quiz doesn’t define who you are, nor does it define your intelligence.


Curtis DeGrant

Hometown: Richmond, KY

Major:  Business Management & Public Relations

Campus Involvement: First-Year Leader, Kappa Delta Daggerman, Campus Clean-Up

What every EKU freshman needs to know:  Don't panic! You have so many resources on campus to help you. We'll tell you all about it in your Orientation Class, which I highly advise you TAKE SERIOUSLY. You will learn things that will help you succeed throughout your entire life. Check your email daily. Send professional and polite emails to your instructors. If you have a question, ASK IT! You will meet many new people; be kind, courteous, and keep an open-mind; soon, you'll find Eastern has become your family. Get involved around campus! Remember to always have fun. College life can be a party, but ALWAYS remember to put your education above everything else. 

Anna Enzweiler

Anna Enzweiler

Hometown: Florence, KY

Major: Forensic Psychology

Campus Involvement: First-Year Leader, Alpha Lambda Delta

What every EKU freshman needs to know: Be comfortable! Once you’re comfortable with yourself everything else about campus and friends will be a lot easier to adjust to.



Madison Haley

Hometown: Lousiville, KY

Major: Environmental Health Science

Campus Involvement: First-Year Leader, Alpha Omicron Pi, Student Worker, Colonel Crew Leader

What every freshman needs to know: Don't take advantage of the freedom you now have. Be sure to attend your classes, connect with other students and faculty, begin a creative way to stay organized, and never be afraid to ask for help. Like my grandmother always used to tell me, "Work hard now so you can play hard later."


Jade Harris

Hometown: Bloomington, MN

Major:  Marketing

Campus Involvement:  First-Year Leader, Alpha Lambda Delta, Admissions Recruitment Ambassador

What every EKU freshman needs to know: Utilize all of the available resources on campus.


Liam KauneLiam Kaune

Hometown: Fort Knox, KY

Major: Recreation & Park Administraction | Concentration: Natural Resources & Recreation Management

Campus Involvement: CRU, Track and Field, Rec Club

What every EKU freshman needs to know: Every freshman should know that it's important to build a community and make friends on campus. 

Caroline Kinsman

Caroline Kinsman

Hometown: Glasgow, KY

Major: Public Relations

Campus Involvement: First-Year Leader, Chi Omega, Honors Program

What every EKU freshman needs to know: Put yourself out there, and find a club or organization that you fit with! Being involved is the best way to make friends and start your college experience! 


Joanna Marling

Joanna Marling

Hometown: Louisville, KY

Major: Psychology

Campus Involvement: Veterans Studies Alliance, First-Year Leader, Alpha Lambda Delta, Mental Health Peer Advocate

What every EKU freshman needs to know: Although school work is important, also take care of your mental health. This will make things a lot easier.


Olivia Peake

Olivia Peake

Hometown: Georgetown, KY

Major: Pre-Nursing

Campus Involvement: LGBTQ+

What every EKU freshman needs to know: Look to your first-year seminar instructor for guidance and support. They will always have your back.


Nicholas Speer

Nicholas Speer

Hometown: Lexington, KY

Major: Psychology | Concentration: Substance Abuse

Campus involvement: Phi Kappa Tau, Basketball Intramurals, Army National Guard, Special Olympics

What every EKU freshman needs to know: Freshmen should know the first few weeks can be stressful but once you embrace the change, great things will happen and this could be an amazing four years.

Aric Young

Aric Young

Hometown: Corbin, KY

Major: Art and Studio Design-Photography

Campus involvement:  First-Year Leader, Alpha Lambda Delta (Secretary), EKU VETS Club, Photography

What every EKU freshman needs to know: Always have a plan. Keep a planner of some type to help yourself stay ahead and up-to-date in class. It's important not to procrastinate on your school work; the work can build up, making it a lot harder and more stressful. Never be afraid to ask for help, everyone needs it at some point and your professors and classmates only want you to succeed.

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