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Meet Your 2022 First-Year Leaders

Joseph Aguierre

Joseph "Joey" Aguirre

Major:  Homeland Security

Campus Involvement: Phi Kappa Tau & Recruitment Committee, Varsity League of Legends Esports

What every EKU freshman needs to know: Don’t be afraid to go out to all the events and talk to people. Friends will help you a lot throughout college and especially during the transition from high school.


Allana Bailey

Major:  Middle School Special Education and English

Campus Involvement: Historian to the Council of Exceptional Children (CEC), Vice President of Kentucky Education Association - Aspiring Ed. (KEA-AE), and a Kappa Delta Tau Sister 

What every EKU freshman needs to know: Make sure you know who your advisor is, because trust me, you will go to them a lot more than you ever went to your high school counselor! Please don't hesitate to ask for help - even if it´s just a simple question such as, “Where is CASE?”


Kimberly Bargo

Major: Social Work

Campus Involvement: First-Year Leader, Colonels Create

What every EKU freshman needs to know:  there is a resource for just about anything! If you need assistance with anything, someone or something is out there, you just have to ask!

DanielsHannah Daniels

Major: Sports Management

Campus Involvement: Delta Zeta & Maroon Platoon

What every EKU freshman needs to know:  It's okay to not know what you want to major in/do for the rest of your life as soon as you get here! The amazing people at EKU will guide you and help you find a major/career that you will love!! 


Curtis DeGrant

Major:  Business Management & Public Relations

Campus Involvement: First-Year Leader, Kappa Delta Daggerman, Campus Clean-Up

What every EKU freshman needs to know:  Don't panic! You have so many resources on campus to help you. We'll tell you all about it in your Orientation Class, which I highly advise you TAKE SERIOUSLY. You will learn things that will help you succeed throughout your entire life. Check your email daily. Send professional and polite emails to your instructors. If you have a question, ASK IT! You will meet many new people; be kind, courteous, and keep an open-mind; soon, you'll find Eastern has become your family. Get involved around campus! Remember to always have fun. College life can be a party, but ALWAYS remember to put your education above everything else. 

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Carson England

Major: Aviation

Campus Involvement

What every freshman needs to know


Elizabeth "Lizzie" Faulconer

Major:  English and History Middle School Education

Campus Involvement:  First-Year Leader

What every EKU freshman needs to know: You don't have to have everything figured out your first semester. Always know and use your campus resources. And remember who you are! Changes are coming. Embrace them and always keep your head up. 


Brandon Fletcher

Major: Forensic Chemistry

Campus Involvement: First-Year Leader

What every EKU freshman needs to know: Time management is the biggest skill needed for college success. Even if you're bad at time management you can take steps to find solutions to manage your time better. Mental health is the other main important thing. Don't be afraid to seek out help if you need it; there are resources all over campus to help you out, and there's nothing to be ashamed of for seeking out the help you may need.


Ashley Friend

Major: Forensic Psychology

Campus Involvement: Student Government Association, Honors Program

What every EKU freshman needs to know: Listen to your body and your mind when approaching the challenges you face this year. They have your best interest at heart.

Liam Kaune

Liam Kaune

Major: Recreation & Park Administraction | Concentration: Natural Resources & Recreation Management

Campus Involvement: CRU, Track and Field, Rec Club

What every EKU freshman needs to know: Every freshman should know that it's important to build a community and make friends on campus. 

Caroline Kinsman

Caroline Kinsman

Major: Public Relations

Campus Involvement: First-Year Leader, Chi Omega, Honors Program

What every EKU freshman needs to know: Put yourself out there, and find a club or organization that you fit with! Being involved is the best way to make friends and start your college experience! 

Joanna Marling

Joanna Marling

Major: Psychology

Campus Involvement: Veterans Studies Alliance, First-Year Leader, Alpha Lambda Delta, Mental Health Peer Advocate

What every EKU freshman needs to know: Although school work is important, also take care of your mental health. This will make things a lot easier.

Joanna Marling

Alexandra "Lexie" McClendon

Major: Public Relations

Campus Involvement: Student Alumni Ambassadors (SAA), Baptist Community Ministry (BCM), Student Worker

What every EKU freshman needs to know: You might not make instant connections (and that's OK)! Give yourself grace and time; those friendships don't happen overnight. Trust the process and remember that everyone moves at a different pace!


Kyra Mills

Major: Emergency Medical Care Administration

Campus Involvement: Dean of Students Advisory Council, Epsilon Sgma (Paramedic Fraternity)

What every EKU freshman needs to know: It is natural to experience some bumps in the road when adjusting to college! College is unlike any other experience in your life up to this point. You will encounter new expectations, new experiences, and new people all in an unfamiliar environment. It’s okay to feel a little overwhelmed at first…your professors, administrators, and fellow peers will help you adjust! 

Olivia Peake

Olivia Peake

Major: Nursing | Minor: Veterans Studies

Campus Involvement: Alpha Lambda Delta President, LGBTQ+

What every EKU freshman needs to know: Look to your first-year seminar instructor for guidance and support. They will always have your back.


Camyle Thompson

Major: Broadcasting & Electronic Media | Minor: Asian Studies

Campus Involvement: Noel Studio Consultant

What every EKU freshman needs to know: It’s okay to not know something. Nobody knows everything right away, and learning is a lifelong process. Be kind to yourself and go at your own pace. Ask questions, be curious, and learn as much as you can!


Edward Wieland

Major: Psychology

Campus Involvement: Lambda Sigma Honor Society, Special Olympics

What every EKU freshman needs to know: Every new student should know that even though they must hold themselves accountable, they are not alone. There are tons of resources on campus to help you succeed. Get involved with activities and make friends. Find someone to mentor you throughout your time at college and your future career.

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