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Request to Drop/Withdrawal from a Student Success Seminar

Please submit the following form by completing the required fields below. Please allow up to 48 hours for a response. A completed submission form does not guarantee that your request has been approved.

Please review the EKU Student Success Seminar requirement below:

Every student seeking a baccalaureate degree or Associates Degree in General Studies (AGS) must complete a 1-3 credit Student Success Seminar.

1) Full time students must complete the Student Success Seminar during the first semester

2) Part time students are strongly encouraged to complete a Student Success Seminar during their first semester, and must complete it within their first 18 credits.

3) Transfer students who have 30 or more transfer credits upon admission to EKU may have this requirement waived. (Some majors require all students to take a Student Success Seminar, regardless of transfer status.)  Student Success Seminars/Orientations from another University do not fulfill this requirement

4) Students who earn a grade of "W", "F", or "FN" in a Student Success Seminar must repeat the course the following term.

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